Primal Ordeal

August 18-20th

Primal Ordeal is a sacred kink festival held at Windward Education & Research center in Wahkiacus, WA. Our mission is to provide a risk-aware space in which to celebrate our Primal Natures and conduct sacred ordeals work in a natural setting.



Primal Ordeal festival will be held at Windward Education & Research Center in Wahkiacus, WA. Windward is an intentional community dedicated to creating sustainable village-level technologies for a brighter future. Events held here help to support this important work. The pristine mountain-top location is just a few hours' drive from both Portland, OR and Seattle, WA in the Columbia River Gorge area.


Want to show your dedication to the Earth and all Her children? Help support Windward in this important work.

Windward Education & Research Center

55 Windward Ln

Wahkiacus, WA 98670

 Get Directions!

Get Directions!

Camping at Windward

     Windward boasts improved camping sites that have been well-cleared over decades of use. Rustic roads allow drive-up access to sites. We ask that after off-loading, vehicles be kept in the parking lot. Sorry, no RV's.

     There is potable (and tasty!) water on-site drawn from Windward's own well. Facilities are pit toilets well distributed throughout the grounds. Showers are propane heated, and we ask that you be considerate of these resources.

     During the time period in which this event is occurring there will be a fire ban in effect. Windward has worked diligently with the local authorities to create an approved communal fire pit for event use (though this is not guaranteed in case of extreme conditions). However, personal fires will not be allowed.

     Over the last three years, Windward has made extensive improvements to the camp's kitchen facilities. There is a secondary "personal kitchen" in addition to the main kitchen area. While there is a personal refrigerator, it would not accommodate the whole camp if used extensively by every camper. Please plan ahead: if you are bringing a lot of perishable items you will want a cooler to keep them in. Medications that require refrigeration may be stored in the personal refrigerator/freezer.

     Limited electricity is available to accommodate people with disabilities who require a CPAP machine. If you require such accommodation, please let the organizers know during the registration process. We do not encourage the use of electronic devices during this event, but the camp kitchen will provide an outlet in case of emergency only.