Primal Ordeal

August 18-20th

Primal Ordeal is a sacred kink festival held at Windward Education & Research center in Wahkiacus, WA. Our mission is to provide a risk-aware space in which to celebrate our Primal Natures and conduct sacred ordeals work in a natural setting.

Join the Team!

     Making an event happen is a big job, and we're going to need some help! Here are some of the roles that we are looking to fill at this year's event. Team members are eligible to receive at-cost attendance for $60. (This covers your site fee,  meal plan and resource costs.) Rest assured that you will have plenty of time to yourself to enjoy your experience. If you would like to join the team in some capacity, please fill out the application and wait to receive verification of your acceptance before registering for the event.

     If there is some other special skill set or resource you have that you would like to offer, please fill out an application and tell us what it is you're offering to do for the event. (Examples might be: bring BDSM furniture, come a day early to help with set-up, etc.)


We are seeking presenters and workshop leaders on subjects of interest to members of the community. Topics may range from ritual practice, to BDSM technique, to healthy relationships and beyond. The focus of this year's programming is Embodiment. If you would like to present programming, we'd love to have you! Be sure to include the topics you are prepared to offer in your application form; as well as any past credits. Presenters will also receive space in the merchant area at no charge; as well as representation and linking in the Workshops section of this website.  

Pre-event Hosts

If you live in the Portland area and would like to help us host gatherings in advance of the festival to help spread the word and generate excitement, let us know!  Event hosts handle preparation and clean-up and assist in the publicity department.

Registration Management

Checks in guests at the beginning of the event, ensuring that all waivers are properly signed and each guest receives his or her site token. Directs guests on location of camp sites and parking. A great post for someone who wants to do their service early in the event.

Temple Monitors

While on duty, the Temple Monitors oversee the temple space and ensure all rules are followed and that the space remains tidy and well-treated by guests. Please list past experience and/or credentials on the application.

Spirit Team

While on duty, Spirit Team members are there to provide peer-to-peer support in case of emotional or spiritual distress. Mediates and negotiates minor upsets between guests if they should arise. This role may be more emotionally demanding than others. Please list past experience and/or credentials on the application.

Guardian Team

While on duty, the Guardian Team member is there to ensure that the rules of the space are honored and, if necessary, enforced. Informs production staff of any major incidents; and refers disputes to appropriate parties. This role may be more physically demanding than others. Please list past experience and/or credentials on the application.